What do you think are the most important steps of a successful career? Ask yourself this question again after this interview, which is pleasant, brief and clear. I would like to thank Mr.Ugrasız for their support.

In short, can we recognize you?

Born in 1994, they have been working in the advertising sector for 3.5 years.

What kind of a student were you in your education life and did you have a career goal that you had identified during this time? What did you do to achieve these goals?

My education life was always bad. I was in the category of students who didn’t work in my high school or university years. I was on the scale of being smart but not working like every young Turkish guy 🙂 I wanted to do something about marketing at all times. I have an aspect of persuasion that comes from my childhood. But all the work I did was inversely related to my education, I became an advertiser while studying engineering 🙂

How do you have a working system? How do you spend a day in your life?

Usually dense. I have a working system that affects my private life. But I have a much more flexible life plan than a corporate life. Some days, I’m doing my work even when I’m working on some days 🙂 I’m doing my job 🙂 Socialism for me to spend time with my friends and go abroad. And a cradle.

Is there a philosophy you have adopted yourself?

Listen, watch and act. I’m very confident in my ability to observe. These are great factors when you’re talking to any human being. I have a life like chess. My moves take place according to where I want to go before. At least I’m trying to do that.

How did your career cross with Scorp? Can you tell us?

After a friend’s birthday party, he crossed at 5:00 in the morning. I sent an e-mail. I said I should be back here.

The Scorp app shows a rapid growth. What do you think is the biggest factor?

Turkey, the Turkish people, the Turkish young generation and popular applications such as social media in open level. We built our university networks here very well. We said we were young and we wanted to succeed like everyone else, we found support, we were loved – we counted and grew. There is a good business model but it will take a long time to explain 🙂 But it is the fastest growth factor of scorp; Wom. So Word of Mouth.

In Scorp, you set up a company called Viralif. What is Viralif? Can you explain to us?

Viralif is a company that brings Influencer brand in all kinds of social media. In other words, influencer serves as marketing agency. We are experiencing rapid growth. In the last 6 months we have worked with more than 100 brands. Our goal is to maintain the confidence that we have maintained for 3 years.

What are your targets for the future? What are we waiting for?

Influencer’s world of marketing is unacceptably transparent in some respects. We change them, contributing to Turkey, we are trying to create a transparent and reliable environment in the advertising world. You can be the leader in the market, but you can’t be single. Of course, our competitors have; we are approaching them all with respect. But there is only one target; be the greatest.

How do you think we should evaluate our university life? What should we do?

University life entrepreneurship, relationship, social media and so on. The only opportunity for everything. The moment you enter the business world you have very limited square meters of space. Therefore, there should be a university if there is a dream. If there is a university there must be a dream. So in this process from home to school – from school to home – not to pass with a moment before the logic of the place, hookah cafe instead of wallet key can be done much more. I think everyone, especially students, is an extreme creative and content creator. The right steps will bring true dreams, right things.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?

Know what you’re behind. I don’t know how far I can go individually, but I’m here. I’m here as Batu. My address is Batuugrasiz instagram, my e-mail address is batuugrasiz@scorpapp.com. There are ideas, there is trouble, friendly searched I’m here! I have to tell everyone who read. go after him whatever you want. Don’t regret your life, 35! Rest is a lie. I’ve seen a lot of students who have supported me so far, and I’ve even seen the groups of students come together and move on for me to speak in Tedx, which is very valuable to me. I have the same intelligence, the same goodness, the same ugliness as everyone else. The only difference is that I dreamed and I’m trying to go after him. If I could shed some light on someone’s life, how happy I am!


Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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