Turkey is one of the largest software companies AKINSOFT ‘s Chairman students can take inspiration from an interview I conducted with Ozgur Akin. I give thanks to them for their support.

Can we recognize you briefly?

I was born in 1974 and my childhood was at the birthplace of Seydişehir in Konya. I completed my primary and secondary education in Konya, my high school education in Fatih Technical High School Computer Department and my higher education in 1992-1994 in Ege University Computer Programming.

In the same year I studied Anadolu University, Faculty of Business Administration and Organization and then in 1998 – 2002 at Selcuk University, Department of Computer Engineering. I completed my master’s degree at Selçuk University, Department of Industrial Engineering. Selçuk University, Institute of Science – I realized the field work and study on PNCR-1 PNRC-2 sugar beet robot in the field of Robotics Technology. I deserve to get my doctor. I set up AKINSOFT while my education life continued.

I did not hesitate to express my emphasis on the future of the country, both with my work and with my words. In order to be able to serve better, I put my candidacy as Independent MP from Konya in 2011 general elections. During this period, I spoke in fame to draw attention to the issue of whether there is still a Technology Ministry in Turkey, as an emergency to speed up the work of our country in terms of technology I’ve always advocated the establishment of this ministry.


What kind of student were you in your education life and did you have a career goal that you set during this time? What have you done to achieve these goals?

I was not a student working at a lot of time in the training process, I would not have had a habit like book, book, even though I was a teacher child, this discipline did not occur very much. I was an employee who worked on the exam days, I got higher grades than my colleagues who worked hard.

 My higher education went parallel with my firm, which I founded AKINSOFT in 1995.

I have developed nearly 100 commercial and sectoral programs, including Internet, Windows and DOS based. I specialize in Robotics, Database, Algorithms and Automation.

The areas I specialize in are the locomotives that will carry me to my targets. Even in my childhood, I would never leave something without achieving goals.

What kind of working system do you have and what do you do for yourself in the rest of the time?

I have a characteristic feature that loves to lift the prejudices that can not be achieved, looks at a wide frame, pushes the boundaries. In addition to this, I have made the principle of progress with the goal oriented systematic idealist and determined until the end.

My dreams; plan and correct strategies with the truth. I wanted to show that we do not have a difference between the technology and the countries that we are subject to. At the beginning of technology; nation and AKINROBOTICS in the world. It is not possible to live with pleasure and pride. My work is like my hobbies. I have never looked at it in terms of working or working.

When I look at this question with the eyes of my loved ones, I can work 24 hours a day.

Our goal is to produce robots that will make human life easier; the orientation of the persons to the work of quality, the work of humanoid robots on conditions that threaten and disturb human health. Thus, people will be able to devote more time to themselves and their loved ones.


What is your biggest failure in life?

I can say that everything I want to do has a real life. Maybe even if it sounds like a stupid thing to you, there’s nothing I can not do. 23 years ago you say you will do the robot and you give the best answer to the laughs at that time.

First in the world; you open the factory where the humanoid robots are produced in series from the plain production band. Furthermore, we are making sub-projects to create a base for research on space technology. It took as little as 5 years in it.

The only thing I can not think of is the destruction of the prejudices in human beings, they see it when they see what we have done and succeeded.

Will you share with us the story of Akınsoft’s emergence and the challenges you have experienced in this process?

 “Today, managing societies is managing knowledge. Managing the information is only possible with technology. “

I can call it a spirit of freedom, not being original. Until today, I’ve always been trying to do something different. When choosing my profession, it is my choice by saying “what I can not do, what I do not”. A person can do every profession he wants.

Since our inception, our 28-year vision has been to do ar-ge studies on robotics in 2010 and to move to mass production of robots in 2015. Technological and science-savvy orientation enabled robots with artificial intelligence to begin their ar-ge work in 2009, without waiting for 2010, to facilitate human life. In 2011, AKINCI-1 named the first fruits of these studies. AKINCI-2 accelerated with AKINOID-3 and ADA series.

 On April 12, 1995, with its own capital, we started this way in order to plant our milestones with 15 sqm of office, non-hardcore computer. I have not received any capital support since the establishment phase of my company. I have over 150 in Konya and Istanbul We continue our work with our employees.

“To achieve something in impossibilities; It means to make castles from sand grains. To build a castle from sand grains, you first need a sand stack

you need to create it. Knowing that you will break down the work with a wave should not give you up to make this work. Because even a moment of that magnificent work ,it is worth taking this risk. “(Dr. Özgür AKIN)

AKINSOFT has been spreading rapidly in the world with its successful efforts without compromising its discipline, targets and principles it provides in its own way and is proceeding with sure steps to become the number one company of the sector by increasing its customer portfolio and number of employees today.

Today AKINSOFT has a large family structure with more than 2000 Solution Partners in 28 countries (01.03.2018); ERP Solutions, Accounting Program, Business Programs, Sectoral Programs, Web Programs and Mobile Programs and e-solutions, including more than 120 software takes place as many sectors can appeal that Turkey has the most extensive program archives, long-standing goal of bringing the best service to its customers and it is a big company.

When I look back on the road that has been going on for 23 years, there is not a single day AKINSOFT has not grown. I owe this growth to innovations, to human value, to my team. If employees are happy, success is inevitable if they adopt their business. He proved rusty. Our plaza in Istanbul realized the structuring of foreign trade.

our robots, opening the street in Konya Meram Café & Robotics Application Center in Turkey in the best way we have opened the cafe where the waiter served the first robot. Konya began to be remembered for its technology. With the opening of the AKINROBOTICS factory we have announced the capital of the technology country. Many organizations and organizations affected by this initiative were in this direction. Konya Ovası is now mentioned in agriculture as well as in the field of robotics technology. We will perform robot exports soon.

Turkey robotic technology with high-tech and at what stage? What are your goals in this regard?

The speed of information renewed with the introduction of the internet into our life is unlimited. The late arrival of the internet to my country caused me to catch up late and miss some formations. In 1945, the years began with the heavy industrial revolution.

Turkey have reached a moment of technological transformation, it is experiencing the transition; we see that in the public and private sectors the route is being turned into this area. Robotic technologies emerged from the laboratories in 2015 and the market started to be created. As an institution, the awareness of this technology has been formed 23 years ago and we realized that we will open the Artificial Intelligence Robot Factory in 2015 and realized it in 2017.

We started this race in Turkey in 2009, while fighting in impossibilities in laboratory development and production efforts in the private sector did not put much in school under his hand. He preferred production of certain products with profit margins that did not raise production units. It represents the development, power and economy of an country’s technology.

One of the biggest inventions is the invention of the wheel, followed by artificial intelligence working on it.

Our humanoid robot factory AKINROBOTICS is one of the world’s most popular lean manufacturing bands. 100% of our domestic production of actuators, our reduction, we announced that Turkey’s presence in the race of technology and design with our software, our space, our goal in 2023 to create high-tech R & D base and establish the university



What do you mean to young people who want to work in the field of software?         

Programming language, which is as important as foreign language today, has gained importance around the world. The direction of business life changed with digital conversion. The software no longer expresses itself on its own, but it makes many interdisciplinary transitions.

This multidiscipline requires knowing the factors between the required components. It is necessary to master the engineering fields as well as the specialized software language. I would suggest that you activate your communication channels, open to learning with the consciousness that the science and mathematical infrastructure is acquired, the knowledge is renewed at all times and the innovations are added.


How do you evaluate our university life? What should we do?

 Together with higher education, you have entered as long as you will shape your future. Your in-school communities will add a lot of work experience and experience to you. As much as your goals, it is among the elements that determine where you want to be in your internships.

There is no time for you to evaluate your valuable instructors, if you have labs and all the resources for which you can get information. Hayata 1-0 You need to gain expertise in the section you choose to start ahead.

Student who wants to work in Akınsoft, what are the characteristics you seek in graduates?

The criteria for studying our Human Resources policy is as high as the corresponding diploma according to the division desired to work, and a high success rate in a linked project.

We think that your internship experience you have earned a lot of things for you. It is important to have an innovative perspective, open communication and self-expression structure that can work within the frame of corporate culture. Through the job application form; recruitment process is started with interview and project based evaluation.


Could you give us advice on your way out of your life?

Life begins when you begin to understand and question what is going on around you, in this phase you have to determine your goals and open your perceptions. You have to be a goal, do what you do in life, do your best, do it fondly.

My educational life will be a hard transition, like thinking in business life. In the internship program we can understand this a little more. My diplomas say that when you say work in business, you turn into a fish out of water and you meet with failure. You might be working in the office, but the entrepreneur will not notice it anymore.

When you are preparing a large project, complete your studies by doing a great job, not by taking notes like homework, not by class, by giving extensive research. We need a lot of entrepreneurs. It started to sprout in our country, robotic technologies, mechatronic engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical and electronics engineering. Humanoid robots, autonomous robots are starting to spread. We Need the Entrepreneurs! “Dr. Özgür AKIN “(AKINSOFT Chairman of the Board of Directors)

In order not to be overwhelmed by the brands of world giants, we need to do something to show that our country has the brains to produce this technology.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Dr. Özgür AKIN

                                                                                                                                                                                                   AKINSOFT Chairman of the Board of Directors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



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