I have an interview with Mrs. Akdede, she has accomplished 20 years of success in the HP family.

Could you tell us about your career in short?

I’ve been working at HP for 20 years. I’ve had different tasks. Product manager, Africa, Middle East, Turkey and Greece did Responsible Retail Sales and Marketing Director. I have been working as General Manager for the last 5 years.

What kind of a student were you in your education life and did you have a career goal that you had identified during this time? What did you do to achieve these goals?

I was an average student in elementary school. I targeted the university exam before the career goal. We were able to do the best I could and oriented towards the field of Turkish Mathematics. 

How did you decide to enter the IT sector?

Actually, I graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Economics. It was a coincidence that I entered the IT sector. First, I had a short-term bank experience. At that time, another bank and IT firm offers. I got in by chance, but since my first meeting, I realized that there was a very dynamic, fast field. I saw it matched my personal traits. After entering this area I started by chance.

How do you have a working system? How’s your day in business?

I’m in the office at 8.30. I complete my daily correspondence until 10:00 am and  after go to  meetings. I’m checking my messages again at home in the evening, so I’m working in a quiet environment for things I need to prepare.

How about the number of female employees in the world?

Around 30 percent of HP in the world. Of course a good rate; but at the same time an improved rate. In this report, it is suggested to increase the number of women in management positions, to make positive discrimination, to implement quota in certain firms and to separate women at the management level. It is a subject to be addressed in the world, we are trying to be a pioneer in this regard.

You’ve been working on HP for 20 years. What does it mean for you to be in the same company for so long? Can you share with us?

I have experienced the advantages of working in a company that has evolved in 20 years. I had the opportunity to learn new things in every change. I feel lucky that I have the chance to learn and contribute something new every day.

What changes have you observed in the technology sector over the course of 20 years and how will the technology develop in the future?

ecology is developing rapidly, and each business arm needs to follow carefully. All the new technologies we see in Industry 4.0 change all models from production to sales. Technology continues to change our daily life.

What are the things that differentiate you according to your competitors in your work as HP?

HP is a company that does not fall down again, works with entrepreneurial spirit, creates innovations and analyzes consumer needs well

What kind of features are you looking for for young people?

We are looking for young people who do not give up easily, can go beyond the definition of job, are prone to team work and are not afraid to force their limits.



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