I share with you the interview I had with İş Bank CIO Hakan Aran, who started his career as a Software Specialist in İşbank Information Technologies Department in 1990’s adventure in the finance sector.

Can were cognize you briefly?

I was born in 1968 in Antakya and immediately moved to Isparta at the age of 1 because of my parents’ duties. My child hood passed in Isparta. At this point I got privile gessuch as freedom to play in the neighborhood, lots of friend sand a very good elementary school teacher. Middle school in the middle of these condclass, this time my father came to Konya. There I also had secondary school and high school friends who I would like to attend for a life time.

Konya Meram Secondary School and Gazi High School graduate. I got to ODTÜ Computer Engineering in 1985 and moved to Ankara. I have been working at İş Bank since 1990..

What kind of student were you in you are education life and did you have a career go althat you set duringthis time? What have you done to achieve these goals?

Since primary school years, the school has always been a successful and sporty one who plays in volleyball, basketball, handball, soccerteams, participates in athletics competitions, plays basketball in a language in middle school and high school years, loves to spend time with my friends on the street, I was a student. Often it was enough to work one day before the exam. I have finished middle school and lyricsecond, so I can say that I have accomplished my school years to bring  fun and responsibility together. My career go alwas in high school when I met the first computer.

My parents worked as a branch manager at İş Bank. I remember that I decided to become a Computer Engineer in high school and to work in İş Bank when I graduated. The success at the university continued in the university exam. I won the ODTÜ Computer Engineering, and after graduating from an entertaining university life, I entered the İş Bank as a Software Expert in the Bank and entered the business life as a Software Specialist. Having a job that I love and working where I want to work are thet we most important factors thats hare my career. I did nothing special for my career goal apart from doing my job nicely.

In busy work, what do you do for your self in your remaining time?

I am still doing sports, playing tennis, playing basketball with my children, following sporting events, enjoying watching on-site even if I have a chance to watch live.

What features do you need to have in order to work in finance?

I am not a banker, but I have become finance moment sovert he years. My specialty is Information Technologyand, as I have observed, your ability to think  selfless, patient, diligent and analytical to work in finance is high. If you have the features of a marathon runner, not a 100-yard runner, I think it’s easier to be successful in finance and to love your job.

The most wide spread business word in the last 10 years is entrepreneur ship. What should a young person do to become an entrepreneur?

He should never lose his curiosity, he must strive to look at every thing from curiosity and different angles. She should be very read able, navigate, be a good observer, always be in life, and realized every detail that makes life difficult, and develop a solution in her mind about it. He must be able to establish quick links between successful solutions with problems he sees in different locations at different times. He should never give up dreaming. He should listen to the lessons at school because he is curious to learn a lesson, not a note.

Should we be ambitious? How do you look at the concept of greed?

I think it’s very useful to avatitudeup a certaindozen. There is a great benefit in avoiding the chrysan the mum which damages the personality and the environment, and produces feelings that make you feel bad at the end of the day. If you are able to add fun to you rsuccess when you join with ambition, patience, methodological and disciplined work that supports success and give spleasure and happiness after success, how happy you are.

Is it necessary for new graduates to have an MBA?

I worked for 10 years and when I was the first manager I decided to do my MBA because I needed to learn what management means. I saw a lot of benefit, I would not be sure if I could get the same pleasure if I did MBA when I was a new graduate. I think that if you have a problem or a go a land you are interested in learning the lessons in the MBA program, then you need to learn those lessons and get an MBA to have those competencies. If you do not have such an environment, I do not think that making an MBA will gain anything.

How do you evaluateour university life? What should we do?

This depend sentirely on what you want to do. If you decide not to do this, I suggest that you decide on what you want and what you want by making a trip to your self. Once you have decided on this, answers will already be available in order to do the job, the wife, the amusement of having fun, the academics, the professions of scientists,

Are there any other things we would like students to say?

I wish you all a healthy, productive and enjoy able period of student life, and I offer you all my love and respect.

Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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