I made a great interview with Kenan Bey to make students feel different and inspired. I thank them for their support.

Let’s see what we should pay attention before graduation …

Can we recognize you briefly?

I was born in Germany on 11.04.1970. After completing my primary school education in Germany I came back to Turkey and I went to middle and high school as a boarding student. I studied at Bornova Anatolian High School in Izmir. I also graduated from Dokuz Eylül University in Izmir with a degree in Business Administration. My first work experience is in the Foreign Trade Department of the Arab Turkish Bank, which is the Bank of Libya. In the meantime I did a Master of Marketing.

After two years of banking experience, I took a decision to pass the real sector due to the crisis in the financial sector at that time and I got rid of one of the obstacles in front of the career steps that I targeted by primarily military service. On returning from military service, I had the chance to join the Bosch family in July 1997. I have had the opportunity to work in different positions and positions in various parts of the same company and have been working in this firm for 21 years.

I am married and have a son who is 19 and studying at Bilkent University Industrial Department.

What kind of student were you in your education life and did you have a career goal that you set during this time? What have you done to achieve these goals?

I’ve always had a student life that I think is disciplined and I am aware of which direction I should go. I think that it is a great advantage to be able to give my decision freely by focusing on my own feet and self-confidence that I have been studying especially in my middle school education period.

Being entirely responsible for the positive or negative impact of this decision by deciding, and feeling it, caused me to take the right steps in my life. Under these circumstances, as a career, I always aimed to become a manager in the field of finance in a corporate firm and to develop this field myself.

For this purpose, I made a transition to a corporate firm at the right time and with the right decision after having first experienced business in the banking sector. I’ve been open to learning and innovating without ever being able to find it. I took on new tasks that forced my boundaries and I worked with a high self motivation. I also took part in organizations to strengthen my competencies in order to be able to carry out the work that I have done for the leadership in that day’s conditions. I have always communicated to those who are more experienced than me and have valued their feedback.

First of all I was aware of myself and what I could do. In particular, I have never ignored that the most important sources of companies are people. I have always considered that it is my most important virtue to value humanity.

In busy work, what do you do for yourself in your remaining time?

I spend time with my family. I go out of town as often as possible and refresh myself by moving away from the same environment in 1-2 days. I walk regularly every day. I ski in the winter months.

What features do you need to have in order to work in finance?

You must be absolutely fine with the numbers, you should be able to cope with stress with a good nervous system. Analytical, flexible and adaptable to changing conditions quickly. You should be able to make quick decisions.

You should be able to link variables and be a good commentator.

How did your career break with Bosch? Will you share with us?

As I mentioned above, I did not want to make a career in a corporate company and at the same time, I knew German at a good level compared to Bosch in 1997.

Should we be ambitious? How do you look at the concept of greed?

It is very difficult to say yes or no to this question. However, I do not think it will be harmful to your career and your ambition on the level that will not hurt you and others to advance your goals. Greed can be a motivator source for many people. Every manager is ambitious at a certain level and has reached the position he is on. You should definitely observe when you review the manager profiles in your area.

I have to admit that I have ambitions for myself.

You can separate the concept of ambition by positive and negative ambition. Positive ambition will succeed you. Unfortunate ambition, unfortunately, will harm both your personality and your relationships. I recommend you stay away.

Is it necessary for new graduates to have an MBA?

If you graduate from engineering faculty and want to be a manager, you can benefit from doing business with your life. However, a time similar to a student’s time again would be a waste of time according to my interview.

How do you evaluate our university life? What should we do?

You are absolutely full of life. Never go away from social life. Take part in every social activity you can not live in business life. Have fun and  ensure your youth’s requirements. Nevertheless, do not leave your future at one end and prepare for professional business life.  

The world is changing very fast. Digitizing, the industry is experiencing a revolution in 4.0, the internet of objects (IOT) is on the front panel too much, expectations are different, work environments are changing and new jobs are starting to take place on the agenda. This is precisely where youngsters who have developed themselves in these areas and are aware of it, will be a few steps ahead.

We are at a time when communication tools are most widely used and all brand companies organize a variety of activities with universities and students. If possible, find yourself a place around here and be active. Experience abroad experience and practice your internships in different countries by recognizing different cultures. At least I think that two foreign languages ​​are important. Definitely learn and understand but I can not talk away from your clique. Keep up-to-date on innovations and be open to learning. Move away from the “do it later” approach.

Are there any other things we would like students to say?

Whatever you do, whichever profession you are doing, make an effort to do the best. Never forget that you are the future of this country. You have no idea of ​​your other developed country youth, and there is much that you need to achieve, even to prove yourself.

Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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