A great interview that could be our inspiration with different perspectives. I would like to tell my thanks to Ozkan Yilmaz  for his support.

Can we recognize you briefly?

A young entrepreneur who has been countless fancies since childhood and constantly trying out things and catching failure and success.

I’m sagittarius. 9-6 I hate working. About 14 years ago I started working  both at events and festivals.

I continue with sponsorships, branding, marketing, management and company partnerships.

In 2015 we had Greencard from the lottery and moved from Istanbul to America with my wife and my cat.

What kind of student were you in your education life and did you have a career goal that you set during this time? What have you done to achieve these goals?

Let’s be honest. I disgrace. If you ask me I was in the wrong system.

Now that I think of the past, I understand that nothing is taught and only memorized.

I always had bad points between 7th-11th classes in my first semesters. In the second period, I begged my teachers for 1-2 points. In fact, the system was solved while in high school. I want to give you some examples that you can see how ridiculous it is.

For example, let’s say you have 11 bad points in the first period. What did you do? The second semester you studied a lot, didn’t you?

Because even if your first semester grade is 1 and the second semester is 5, you will get three drops off the average. So in the second period, in a much more memorized education system, I needed more socialized system to be successful .

On the other hand, in the summer period, whatever points you got in the make-up exams, it was written as a direct report grade. So the scores you got in the first and second semesters had no sense.

I have been under constant stress for a whole year and have learned that I can finish the job all at once by the end of the year. So there were  a lot of bad results on the report. In the summer, I had to have the exams for 2 weeks.

I think I started here to make a profit from my first entrepreneurship. Go out of the system and translate it into rules. ? I began studying at a university but I wasn’t able to finish. Already I went to the university to give more seminars to my students than I did in my life.

What are your people doing and what have they brought to your personality and career?

Forest life, resting all day without doing anything, playing drums, giving  seminars ?, Target drills, computer games (LOL – BF1 – RimWorld – Rainbow Series etc.)

I especially like games with strategy. It is difficult to control mechanics of the game. When I play games, I actually develop areas where my brain is tackling with strategies and problems. Everyone has a style of relaxation. These are my ways.

Should we be ambitious? How do you look at the concept of greed?

Greed is relative. I guess it’s a more correct word to be determined. I am very ambitious and I know people in plaza life.

They look friendly but they do not hesitate to oust because of their ambition. (You can find the list of testers and their status on the link … ıkidding.com)

 Do not be one of these types

Do you have a moment to say, ‘My life has been a turning point’?

There is too much. For me, all the turning points that I went wrong and made mistakes and paid for was very important for me. I went bankrupt in my first job and also in my second I had the same result. What is short and short in my third job. The later ones started to become more successful.. So slowly. It’s an incremental process from the minus. It is a process that continues as honestly, knowledgeably, experienciedly, hardworking and most importantly.

Do you have a philosophy that you have adopted yourself?

  • Be honest, take it under.
  • Be social.
  • Do not give up learning, I know I do not!
  • Always do what you can.
  • Become familiar with every reference.
  • Never say anything to anyone.

You are giving seminars at many universities. One of the topics in the seminars is “Resume by character – how to fill CV?”. Would you give us brief information on this topic?

The names of all my seminars are strange. Another one, “My mom can not throw SMS, can not skip Yengem İp” was ..

The resume by character is actually a very simple theory. For example my childhood was to be a doctor or a computer engineer. To be a doctor, I had to be buried in books and I am not one of those kinds. I immediately gave it up . Instead, I was the head of the Red Crescent for 7-8 years between elementary school and high school.

Then I thought that my second goal was to be a computer engineer, at least not to say that I am on my own computer. I was as successful as the third year of university. Then 1’s – 0’s, codes etc. By the way, the matrix was like screen. I stopped and thought, I sat at the desk all day and I said I could not work in the closed area and I left the university at the end of the 3rd class.

I have already been engaged in activities, concerts, music, marketing, festivals for about 3-5 years and I have been giving that poetry. I have gone to the place where my soul took me. According to your character, the possible occupational groups according to your character are more or less certain. Trust the stars, they light your way ?

Turkitch-Turkish Kitchen and american I am going to do what projects, what are they going to do?

Every year, Hani announces brand climaxes or the world’s most successful brands and everyone says, “Why do we have no brand?” Heh, ask TURKITCH – Turkish Kitchen, the first 100% Turkish food brand in America.

All of our production is free from additives and Turkey, we carry handmade and she missed her mother had flavors touching the hand of the United States. We are a start up with growing public support.

If I Amerikayagidiyorum.co Greencard too much about that person full of false information to cheat the company and in Turkey. We provide the right people to apply for greencard and  correct any mistakes and answer questions about America. We are actually preparing them before a new life begins. Because we went through the same ways and we know very well.

Another service is to offer an alternative to sales representatives who have never been abroad in their life, those who are looking for foreign language education or studying universities by simply looking at figures on a computer screen. The aim is  never leave you here alone. We provide service in the right and honest manner.


Why America? Are you talking about your departure story?

Totally luck. I never thought I’d ever come. At the end of military service I saw the greencard sign and applied. I won at the 3rd year, moved to September 2015. Go Out of the System and Flip Side to Rules

What are your recommendations for entrepreneurial youth?

We came to America with only $ 3 thousand and 4 suitcases. This is an incredibly low figure. The goal was to be an example to some of you and to prove something.

Put your goals reachable.

Not the boss, try to be the leader.

Your odds are likely to reach 0.10% of the world average … if you want to print this way, this is your choice.

If I were, what features I needed, I found those people around and helped the company’s partners. So you will achieve success with easier, faster and wider environment. Go Out of the System and Flip Side to Rules.

Begining with more effective, not more expensive.

Do you have anything you want to tell us?

Take care of yourself.

You can reach me easily from my linkedin account. Özkan Yılmaz


Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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