The Bright Future is in the Dark Factories. The ever-growing industry is now in its fourth phase! What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? Where are we in this universe? What are they to gain and lose?

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the strategy of integrating industry with today’s information technology. Industry 4.0 is the name of the technological development that makes each process manageable with a computer. Of course, automation software in this issue is a huge share.

Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0,

  • Application of Mechanical Production Plants (18th Century): 1712
  • Introduction to Electrical and Work-based Series Production: (19th Century) 1840 Telegraph and 1880 Phone Inventions, 1920 Taylorism (Scientific Management)
  • Automation of Production Processes (20th Century): 1971 First microcomputer,
  • Autonomous Machines and Virtual Environments (21st Century): 1988 AutoIDLab, 2000 Internet of Things, 2010 Cellular Transport System, 2020 Autonomous Interaction and Virtualization

What does Industry 4.0 offer us in the future?

The biggest aim of the Industry 4.0 is the production of robots that communicate with each other, can detect the environment with sensors and realize the needs by data analysis; more quality, cheaper, faster and less waste is to make a production.

The 4th Industrial Revolution may seem to affect more factories, but it is actually an innovation that can affect our future social life. We will be able to use three-dimensional printers not only in industry but also in our homes. Instead of meeting our own needs with the products made by others, we will be able to produce our own product in our home using our own imagination and transform our home into a tiny factory.


Other than Industry 4.0,

  • Facilitate system monitoring and fault diagnosis in factories,
  • Maximize resource savings while minimizing environmental damage,
  • Not only increase production flexibility and efficiency; reduce costs,
  • It will benefit the development of new services and business models.

Negative Aspects of Industry 4.0

Apart from the positive aspects of Industry 4.0, there are also negative aspects that make our lives difficult. With the robots taking over production, the need for manpower will be reduced, and robots will in a sense drive people out of their jobs. This is a risk not only for blue-collar workers, but also for white-collar workers. Because robots capable of coding robots with artificial intelligence and robots capable of designing will take over production.

  • Even though it is foreseen that new professions (such as machine lawyers that solve the dispute between the communicating machines) will occur with Industry 4.0, this situation will not be a cure for unemployment due to the increasing world population.

Impact of Industry 4.0 on the Global World

With the development of Industry 4.0, the increasing production speed and the quality of the product will not be enough to compete and the winner will not win the most, but the winner will be the winner. The fact that Apple is the world’s largest company and erased the old world giant Nokia from the market is the best example.

The best way to determine the customer’s request is data analysis. They are the future winners in the future by analyzing and analyzing the enormous mass of information that comes into our lives. Industry 4.0 will also enable production in companies such as Google and Facebook, which will lead to tough competition in the industry.

Place in Turkey’s Industry 4.0

Turkey is one of the world’s leading centers of production and production capacity of even the turkey industry attractive, hell will decrease the need for manpower took over the production of future robotic and foreign companies and their investments will allow them to do their own countries. For this reason, our country needs to find its place in the developing global market instead of its production center.

Therefore, there is a challenging process ahead of Turkey. Our country, which is in a phase between the 2nd and 3rd Industrial Revolution, should be able to capture and compete with the developing technology when it is considered that Industry 4.0 will be entered in 10 to 15 years.

  • In this sense not to use Turkey as a means to ask for the girl’s engineering, there is a need for engineers to adapt the country to the developing technology. 🙂

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Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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