When we hear the word brand, we remember the companies such as food, clothing and technology. But there is no branding in companies. We are in a time when each person is a separate brand or trying to be. Since there is a high competition in almost every sector, we also encounter a lot of phrases called making a difference.

Being a personal brand is to make a difference. To be a personal brand, to create a difference, to show how people will recognize you, how to identify them. That is why personal brand is very important. 

Let’s see how we can be a brand! 

1. Know Yourself!

I have always wanted to put this substance at the beginning of a matter. What a company does not know what it sells, can not be a brand. We must have a certain style, our approach to the events and our perspective. We must be aware of our strengths and weaknesses.

In this sense, you can participate in as many activities as we can to recognize ourselves. In every different environment you enter, you can discover a new feature in every different situation you make, in every different situation you encounter.

2. Have a Difference!

The fact that you have a talent that you are an expert will make you one step ahead in crowds.

A classic question: Why choose us? Here is the answer to this question so you are the specialist, you need to be a subject. If you can’t find a topic you’re an expert at the moment, choose one and start learning before it’s late.

3. Develop and Manage Hobbies!

“To evaluate our leisure time …” he has a very wrong definition of hobbies.

Do not wait for leisure time. Create time, make sure you will add more life pleasure, work power and creativity.

4. Use Social Media Effectively!

Social media can be counted as dozens of channels you can open an account. We all know that we don’t need to show up in all of them because we’ll use them effectively. According to your interests, you will have social networks that can benefit you and if you become active enough, these channels make you a brand. I would definitely recommend using Linkedln.

5. Write Blog!

While you are writing a blog, you will learn and share what you already know.

Having a blog; is a very easy way to demonstrate your productivity, ability to present and manage. It is also easier to reach people who search for the topics you are writing. These people will have a preliminary idea about you when you examine the site or block you create, which is an important opportunity.

Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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