One of the most important tasks in the working environment is not having the ability to manage your time. You can spend most of your time with minor things, regardless of the time. I have compiled the most important things that should be learned about time management because today’s big problem is not managing our time.

1- There are always time

There is always time. If you didn’t finish something on time, you didn’t take it too seriously or didn’t do it with pleasure.

2- There is a difference between forcing and destroying yourself

Difficult work sometimes forces man to work without hesitation and to reduce productivity. The important thing is not to force yourself at the moment, but to break again and increase productivity.

3- Killing your focus on doing more than one job

Research shows that the brain is tired when dealing with more than one job, and that the focus problem has occurred. Rather than dealing with more than one job and having a focus problem, you should complete a job well and on time.

4- A small success is one of the best ways to work

When you get up and do a job in the morning at 8 am, you get a little success. This makes the rest of the day more efficient.

5- Working hours doesn’t always mean more productivity

It’s not always trying to stop at the desk for hours. Use your time efficiently and finish your job early. You don’t have to waste time wasting time at the table until the night.

6- If it takes more than 20 minutes to start something, go to another job where you can start immediately.

If you can’t start the business process for any reason, head to another topic where you can provide efficiency.

7- 2 things do not have the same importance at the same time.

Although the To-Do list is important to make your own schedule, it is also important to sort them according to their importance. You can start from the most important and leave the rest to a time when your head is comfortable.

8- It is best to give a moment to the person who is looking for you.

Now give your 2 minutes to finish your time and finish it.

9- Note

Do not think that everything that comes to mind during the day or everything you do will come to your mind afterwards. It doesn’t matter if it’s on your computer. Take notes of things you need to finish urgently and leave them in a place where your eyes can see, so that they always bother you.


Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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