How much your experience is; how much are your competencies; no matter how effective your success stories are; you will have the chance to transfer these strengths to the other side.

5 features to prepare an effective resume that will significantly increase your chances of being selected from hundreds or even thousands of CVs.

1. Your resume is not your life story!

Research shows that the average reading time of a resume by employer representatives is between 20 and 30 seconds. In such a short period of time you need to prepare the CV that can convince the other party.

Director of a department, starting at 8 am, running, meetings, crises solutions in the evening 6 but ends. After 6, you start reading and answering your e-mails, and then you look at candidate CVs left for your new team mate that Human Resources has left on your desk. It’s late, you want to be at home, with your family. But before you go out, you should do a résumé and give some people an invitation to speak to Human Resources.

This example is real. Every CV is full of work, moving, stressful, full of work even if it is not in intensity. Each time you write a certificate, leave long spaces and go to 5-6 pages, a resume that you write your work experience in is going to ın riddle uzun for the other party. The reviewer evolves such a resume, translates it, tries to understand it, and tries to find points overlapping with the position. A lot of information is lost among many pages; then he moves to the next island. Remember everything = nothing . Write as much as you need, and your strengths will not be lost between long and long lines.

The ideal resume is 1 page; up to 2 pages. Even the CVs of the most successful CEOs are a single page.

2. Rule 1/3

The most valuable area of your resume is the 1/3 part of the first page.

This valuable space, which will make you say aş I am the right candidate h in the 20-second time period, is usually wasted with important information in the second stage such as ”Class B License“ and  Blood type A RH + 20. This section should have a profile summary (ın your competences,, your experiences, your “strengths ). The person who is convinced will show more time and interest in your remaining writings.

3. The person has no CV; Ad has a CV.

One of the basic mistakes is to apply all positions with the same CV. However, the basic qualities of each position are different. You need to emphasize the features that you are looking for and the features that you have, emphasize more, give more details.

You have a basic CV; You print the position of the position, the overlapping between the two draws the highlighter pen. You write the drawn points at a higher level, in a more accentuated form and prepare the CV of the ad.

The employer’s representative at the Interaction & Development Camp, which I attended, said: you are such a suitable candidate bu. According to the ad that brings your overlapping qualifications to the foreground, the CV leaves such a positive effect on the opposite side.

4. Give importance to keywords in your background!

Öz geçmişlerde anahtar kelime kullanmanın önemli olabileceği aklınıza gelmiş miydi?

Teknoloji hızla ilerlerken insan kaynakları da gelişimini sürdürüyor. Artık pek çok şirkette öz geçmiş taraması yapan ve belli anahtar kelimelere göre öz geçmişleri değerlendiren sistemler kullanılıyor. Dolayısıyla öz geçmişinizde, ilgilendiğiniz pozisyon ve bu pozisyonda aranan özelliklerle ilgili anahtar kelimeleri kullanmış olduğunuzdan emin olun.

5.    Yazım hatalarına dikkat!

Did you think it could be important to use keywords in their backgrounds?

While technology is advancing rapidly, human resources continue to improve. Nowadays, many companies are using systems that scan the background and evaluate their own backgrounds according to certain keywords. So make sure you’ve used keywords related to the position you’re interested in and the features sought in that position in your background.

6. Links to your work experience highlight your background.

It may be a distinctive feature for your CV to include links to news from various websites or press about your previous work.

Because this feature, which is not often encountered in the content of the past, is a proof for your success. Therefore, it can be considered as a privilege that the applicant who has applied for a job for his employer has concrete data on his previous works. By offering this privilege to the employer, you can get the job you want so much from many candidates.

The application of these substances is a challenging process. It should be noted, however, that seeking a job is a process that requires labor, time and patience. Your luck is directly proportional to the labor you spend.

Vee Cv stands for: Curriculum Vitae 🙂

Good luck 🙂


Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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