Many of the people who emailed their correspondence in business are unaware of the importance of the situation. There are people who often don’t see the difference between sending an e-mail to a friend or close by the e-mail sent during a business correspondence.
Bring e-mail to a friend or a relative, you can talk everyday until day. Slang words safari. You can even write as if you were talking to that person. So when you are writing e-mail, you are not following the rules.

However, it should not be confused in business correspondence. Even if we are very sincere with the people we do business with, it is beneficial to think about the business life. Business correspondence is very different in terms of content. E-mail correspondence rules, or work ethics, require you to show a professional attitude. If you are comfortable, if you use slang or inappropriate language, this will have a bad effect on the recipient of your message. I have compiled the following code of ethics for e-mail.

Be Careful When Writing Email

Even in a world where we are always in a hurry to do things as quickly as possible, good attitudes are not outdated. If you use the words gözük ece please gözük dem and ırs eler thank you ’’, you will not appear out of date. Your recipient will thank your kindness. Another way to show good attitude is to address people you don’t know or just people you have a formal relationship with. For example, using Mr. or Mrs.. If the person you send the email wants to be called by name, it will correct you already. Which one would you use when addressing Abidin Tolga Ertürk? Abidin tolga bey may not like the name Abidin at all. For this reason, you can use them both as Abidin Tolga bey. That person will say enough to call me Tolga.

Watch the spelling tone

E-mail writing has nothing to do with the tone of voice. But ild tone ile is not only about sound. It is a way of expressing his / her attitude in e-mail. It’s hard to write it down, but you can read your own message a few times before sending it, so you can always reach the right tone.

Be sure to look respectful, friendly and sincere. Nobody wants an embarrassing tone or hard looking.

If you’re communicating with someone you’ve talked to before, start with a friendly sentence like Eğer iy I hope you’re okay, ors. E-mail writers generally use emoji to reveal a certain sensation. Consider it well here. If you’re writing to someone you’re always writing, there’s no problem using emoji. But, for official e-mails, for example, when writing to someone who is applying for a job, just use words.

In addition, capital letters are considered to be against the rules of e-mail. It looks like you’re yelling. Also do not use lower case. Some people might see it as if you’re humming.

Be Clear

Everyone’s time is precious and you need to respect it. Your recipient may have a minute to read and reply to your email. When creating a message, be sure to keep all necessary information as short as possible.

Avoid Message Abbreviations

As a society that spends much of its time messaging on the phone, we have created many acronyms for many words. If the buyer is your friend, there is no problem, but a business mail should be more formal.

Use a Professional Email Address

Use the email provided by your employer for your business correspondence, but don’t use this email for anything else. For example, if you’re looking for a job, use your personal email address, but make sure it looks professional. Think about what you said about you. You or I Do? Maybe. Get an email address with your name.

Remember that Writing and Grammar are Important

Carefully review your email. Always be attentive to writing and correcting grammar. Use an automatic proofing program if you want, but don’t trust it too. If you are using misspellings for the use of a word, for example, you typed a binary instead of two, which will not see your spelling error, because that word may be true in that language.

Good grammar is also a critical issue. If you want to get a more talkative tone, you can make abbreviations. Never use slang or offensive language.

Good luck 🙂

Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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