It is not easy to distinguish between millions of users who are trying to bring themselves to the forefront of the LinkedIn social network, a highly important network tool. But it’s not impossible either.

You can see the effect you’ll wake up with a few small moves. In just five minutes, you can upgrade your LinkedIn profile to the next level. Let’s start!

1. Make Your Profile Public

Check that your profile is visible to everyone in the account settings. This way you can easily see the search.

2. Update Your Location

This makes it easy for you to make your online business network offline, as well as being easy to find by employers and customers. People who know you’re in the same city as you are, maybe they call you for a cup of coffee.

3. Be Strategic About Your Approved Skills

Your skills section should have keywords that make you more searchable and features you can tell who you are and what you can do.

So do the three steps:

  • Delete meaningless features. (For example: do not write on social media unless you are trained about social media and manage professional pages.)
  • Add skills that are important to someone in your industry and role.
  • Edit your ranking so that your top skills are at the top

4. Create a Custom URL for You

A custom URL makes it easier for others to share your profile.


5. Add Background

This allows you to show your creativity and highlight your profile. With your background photo, you can easily show people what you’re doing.


6. Update Your Profile Photo

According to LinkedIn, profiles with a passport photo are 14 times more images than non-photo profiles. You should upload a photo that is open, professional and contains only you.

7. Add Your Contact Details

Make sure your email address, phone number (if you feel comfortable), website and other professional social media platforms are on your profile.

8. Improve Heading

This is an important opportunity to impress employers and customers. Add attributes to help you stand out. . Sil In the Search for Opportunity, you must delete an item such as bir ’. Good firms don’t say anything like şey ’in Customer Search İyi. Instead, they show that they are interesting.

Finally, don’t stop, since you’ve updated your profile. Spend just 15 minutes on LinkedIn every week to look active. You will see that you increase your searchability by performing only one action per day.

If you get a nice offer you won’t forget me anymore 🙂

Alper Aziret
If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves. -Thomas Edison

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